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Alif & SonaOne - DETAIL


Alif & SonaOne - DETAIL

Title: Alif & SonaOne - DETAIL
Genre: Hip Hop
Size: 2.38MB
Views: 28
Type : Audio / Mpeg
Bitrate : 192 KBPS
Author: Alif & SonaOne
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJqwDnbUelc

Published on 2019-04-12

Lirik Lagu Alif & SonaOne - DETAIL
Magic Potion in the compound
It`s SonaOne Kenobi!

[Verse 1: SonaOne]
Chiddy-chiddy bang bang
Got my 22`s up in the air, air
More [?] queen, she`s a bang bang
Just doin` my thang like swang, swang
All I ever wanna do is make changes
But everybody wanna do the same things
All [?] vacay
So [?] you stay away, oh ay
What you expected, when I`m kickin, I`m stickin` with
Who run [?]
King Kenobi [?]

[Chorus: Alif & SonaOne]
Every little thing, every little thing
Break it down at the little thing
It said so at the detail
It said so at the detail
Every little thing, every little thing
It said it doubles at the detail
(Magic Potion in the compound)

[Verse 2: Alif]
Now Imma kickin little some, some funky for the fellas
And all the bad bitches know what the deal is
I came from the guap, not cos of Jesus
I take 101, I know [?]
[?], no pun intended
I never play, I just rap a lot
They say I`m swang a lot, so like [?]

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